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Program Goals

The MBA learning goals specify competencies that provide a foundation for graduates.


The Program:

  • Provides an understanding of the key sociological, psychological and organizational concepts and theories necessary for effective leadership and management
  • Covers the knowledge and skills needed to plan, structure, manage, and monitor organizations
  • Introduces methods for improving productivity, responsiveness, quality and customer/client satisfaction
  • Provides in-depth knowledge of operational areas and their functions, processes and interrelationships
  • Develops cross-cultural awareness and an understanding of the globality of today’s economy
  • Fosters an ability to act creatively and be a driver for change
  • Instills an appreciation for the importance of legal and ethical behavior on the part of the organization

    and its members

  • Nurtures student potential and promotes increased self-awareness and growth
  • Supports the development of networks among peers from around the globe

Students Learn How To:

  • Analyze core business processes
  • Think systemically
  • Manage the decision process
  • Prepare economic analyses
  • Position organizations for a competitive advantage
  • Formulate strategic and tactical direction
  • Understand the effective uses of technology
  • Support and encourage a culture of innovation
  • Manage conflict and foster collaboration
  • Apply techniques for delegation and empowerment
  • Understand influence of culture and globalization on organizations
  • Work in groups and display enhanced interpersonal skills
  • Effectively communicate within an organization
  • Function in an ethical manner
  • Take ownership of their own personal and professional growth