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Individual courses are the building blocks of each degree program. Course requirements are structured to ensure that student study encompasses a broad range of topics and approaches, with an appropriate balance maintained among the three curricular components that comprise a liberal arts education:


General Education

Students pursuing a bachelor of Science degree must complete the following 11 courses to fulfill the
General Education requirements.


Major Courses Required

Course Code Course Name Prerequisites Credits
BUS 1101
Principles of Business Management
None 3
BUS 1103
BUS 1101 3
BUS 1104
BUS 1101 3
BUS 1105
Business Communications
None 3
BUS 2201
Principles of Marketing (proctored course)
BUS 1101 3
BUS 2202
E-Commerce (proctored course)
BUS 1101 3
BUS 2203
Principles of Finance 1
BUS 1102 3
BUS 2207
Multinational Management
BUS 2201 3
BUS 3303
Entrepreneurship 1 (proctored course)
BUS 2201 3
BUS 3305
Business Law and Ethics (proctored course)
BUS 2201 3
BUS 3306
Business and Society (proctored course)
BUS 2207 3
BUS 4402
Organizational Behavior (proctored course)
BUS 3302 3
BUS 4403
Business Policy and Strategy (proctored course)
BUS 3306 and BUS 2207 3
BUS 4405
Leadership (proctored course)
BUS 3303 3
BUS 4406
Quality Management
BUS 4402 3


Students pursuing a bachelor of Science degree may choose additional elective
courses beyond those specified in the General Education requirements, and/or select introductory
courses in other majors and/or take additional courses in a student’s major that may not be required
for the degree.