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To succeed in today’s evolving business world it’s necessary to have a broad range of tools and skills at your disposal in every aspect of business – from accounting and marketing to management and economic theory.  Students working towards their Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration will learn every aspect of how a business operates and thrives in today’s business climate. Students will also receive vital practical training in how to effectively conduct a job search, interview successfully for jobs, write resumes and cover letters, and plan their careers.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration will prepare students for promising entry-level positions at businesses in many field and arm students with the expertise and training necessary to thrive and grow in these positions. Students will also gain the necessary knowledge to put their own businesses into motion – such as how to create a business plan and entrepreneurship skills.

Graduates of this program can go on to work in business management at large corporations, start-ups, and retail businesses. Students may also go on to work in sales, accounting, human resources etc. Graduates may also find that these skills can be applied outside of the private sector, and turn these organizational and analytical skills towards non-profit management.