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What is Tuition-Free?

“Tuition-free” means that unlike other universities, UoPeople doesn’t charge students for taking courses. Northampton also doesn’t charge students to enrol, to pay for books, or other course materials. Our unique online model of higher education allows us to bring the classroom to you– cutting the cost for our students overall.

Why Tuition-Free?

It is the University’s mission to provide affordable, tuition-free education for everybody. It is our goal to make higher education accessible to all, anytime, anywhere.

Is Northampton’s Tuition-Free Model Too Good to Be True?

Northampton’s Tuition-Free Model is 100% real! We offer degree programs absolutely tuition-free, thanks to our generous donors who support our mission. To help support the university’s continued operation,  Northampton charges a

  • Application and Registration fee $300
  • Assessment Fee per course completed $150
  • Dissertation Fee US$1000.00
  • Shipping Courier Fee US$75.00

These modest fees ensure that the University remains sustainable and can continue to provide quality education for everybody.

Still Can’t Afford Our Fees? Scholarships are Available!

There are scholarships available for those students who cannot afford the nominal processing fees of the University. It is the University’s belief that everyone deserves the right to an education, and that no one should be left behind due to financial constraints.