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JD/MPP with the Master of Public Policy Program

It’s all about solutions. In the JD/Master of Public Policy program, you’ll learn to design effective solutions in the creation, implementation and enforcement of government policies. As an advocate in a variety of settings (legislative, judicial, or executive), you’ll use the tools of law in public service. You will be equipped to work in multiple venues, including the courtroom, legislative offices, and public policy institutes on a wide variety of social and regulatory issues.

Graduates will be prepared to work in government agencies, nonprofit organizations, advocacy and lobbying positions, as well as private sector firms.

You will achieve all learning outcomes of both the JD and MPP degrees. Your studies in each program will be enhanced by designing a curriculum tailored to your interests and career goals.



You will work with your advisors to plot your course sequence based on admission time, career goals, and course availability. Here is a sample plan:

Fall and Spring Semesters

Fall Semester
10-12 credits of Law school coursework
3 elective courses
6 credits of Public Policy coursework

Public Policy Process
Statistical Analysis for Public Policy
Spring Semester
8-10 credits of Law School coursework
3 credits of Public Policy coursework (Public Budgeting and Finance or MPP elective)

Summer Semester


Fall Semester
Up to 8 credits of Law School coursework
6 credits of Public Policy coursework

Policy Analysis and Design
Elective course
Spring Semester

Degree Requirements

To earn a dual JD/MPP degree, you must complete a total of 89 credit hours, including 65 law school credit hours and 24 MPP credit hours. With careful planning, you can earn both degrees in three years of concentrated study. You will spend your first year as a full-time law student and take one MPP course in the spring semester. JD foundational course requirements and skills and experiential course requirements will be taken in the second and third years, concurrent with several MPP courses. A public service externship will be completed in either the summer following the first or second year.



The School of Law and Northampton Financial Aid Office are committed to helping students secure the necessary financial resources to make their legal education at Northampton affordable