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Program Goals

Within the context of each, students are provided with the opportunity to acquire relevant skills and knowledge.

The program has three overarching goals:

1. Provides a framework in applying strategies for the effective design of computing systems.
Students learn to:

  • Understand the use and structure of the common mechanisms for describing and designing software and hardware structures
  • Understand the use of abstraction in the design, implementation, and use of databases
  • Demonstrate proficiency in core programming skills to code, debug, and test programming solutions
  • Apply appropriate methods in the planning, development, and management of design projects (B.S. level)

2. Covers the knowledge and skills needed to analyze problems from multiple perspectives and seek resolution through multiple methods and tools.
Graduates should be able to:

  • Understand the scientific principles that underlie the physical characteristics of computers and be able to build conceptual models relating to this
  • Apply their knowledge of basic components and interactions between hardware and software to create programs to solve computing problems
  • Recognize the need, and demonstrate their willingness, to expand their knowledge of beyond the classroom
  • Apply mathematics methods effectively to analyze and resolve problems (B.S. level)

3. Enhances a command of critical thinking with respect to computer ethics, privacy, and security.
Graduates should be able to:

  • Understand the potential tensions between society and the constraints and opportunities of computing affected
  • Recognize the potential ethical and social impact in the use and creation of technology

[Note: The Associate of Science degree level has many goals in common with the Bachelor of Science degree level. This reflects the fact that students at the Associate’s level complete the same Year 1 and Year 2 program requirements. Because students at the Bachelor’s level then complete additional requirements in the major, they are expected to achieve these goals at a higher developmental level.]