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Get a head start with college transfer credits

We understand that working adults like you bring a lot to the table. You’ve accomplished so much — and the work you’ve put in could help you save money and earn your degree faster. We’ll show you how.

Here, you’ll learn ways to transfer the eligible credits you already have and use our Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) process to potentially earn even more.

Ways your transfer credits count

Associate degree

Save $144 per three-credit course when you transfer from any regionally accredited college or university with your associate degree. Check out our Transfer Guides to get an idea of how you can put your prior earned credits to use.

Military training

The skills you’ve acquired while serving our country won’t just help you in life. The military documents its training programs, so you might be able to apply training for college credit. A trained representative can help answer your questions.

College credits

Let us take the guesswork out of figuring out which of your courses will transfer. Our trained enrollment representatives will walk you through the entire process. So even if it’s been years, we can help you make the most of your hard work.

International credits

We evaluate academic credentials from a number of international colleges and universities. But If we’re unable to review your credits for some reason, we’ll direct you to an agency that can. Note that foreign language transcripts require certified English translation.

Why transfer credits to University of Northampton?

Save time and money

For every three credits you bring in, you shave more than a month off your graduation date, and hundreds off your total education expenses. And with our Tuition Guarantee, you can save even more.

Earn your degree faster

Apply to have your relevant work, life and military experience evaluated for potential credit. Speak with an enrollment representative for more details.

Personalized support

Our enrollment representatives can review your transcripts and provide an estimate of the credits that may transfer into your program. So you can hit the ground running.

Make the most of your credits and experience. 

Don’t have college transfer credits?

That’s okay. Through the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) process, you could potentially get credit for what you know by submitting copies of your relevant certifications and transcripts or writing an experiential journal. PLA works two ways:

1. Have your training evaluated for credit.

We’ve already assessed many popular licensure and corporate training programs from the six areas below. Review our Pre-Evaluated List and Credit Recommendation Guide to find out if you can get credit for yours.

  • Corporate training
  • Industry licensures
  • Certifications
  • Technical school courses
  • Professional development
  • Life experience

2. Write a journal about your life experience.

If you have credits that aren’t transferrable, or no credits at all, don’t worry. You may still be able to earn credit by completing an Experiential Journal on one of many approved topics:

  • Communication arts
  • Humanities
  • Science/Technology
  • Social science
  • Physical education, and more