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The University of Northampton offers a wide range of 
undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees.
Explore our study options and discover what excites you most.

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Undergraduate study

An undergraduate, or Bachelor’s degree, is usually your first degree at university and your pathway into your future career. You’ll have access to world-class researchers and teachers, purpose-built facilities and first-rate student support.


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Postgraduate study

Postgraduate study gives you the edge when it comes to advancing or changing your career. We give you complete flexibility in your program, and you can study anything from a single subject to an entire degree – you can study online, face-to-face, or do a bit of both.


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PhD and Research Masters

A research degree provides a unique opportunity to follow a specific interest, in a particular area of research. We have a strong research presence across our disciplines and have approximately 150 research degrees to choose from..


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Pathway programs

Whether you are finishing off high school this year, returning to study after a period of time in the work force, or contemplating study for the first time, we offer a range of admission pathways.


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