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PhD in Organizational Behavior


The Policy and Admissions Committee designates faculty members at the Business School and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences as sponsors to each student upon entrance into the organizational behavior program. The sponsors, in conjunction with the PhD Programs Offices, will assist the student in deciding which courses to take and how to fulfill various degree requirements. It is expected that students will establish relationships with other faculty members, and it is possible that the major academic advisory role may be assumed by different faculty members in the dissertation stage of a candidate’s program. However, students are strongly advised to consult with the sponsors and with the PhD Programs Offices during all stages of PhD work.

Micro-Organizational Behavior Track
  • Two term-length courses in foundations of psychology
  • Two term-length graduate-level psychology courses
  • One term-length graduate-level social sciences course
Sociology Track
  • Two term-length courses on sociological theory (Soc 204 and 208)
  • Two term-length graduate-level sociology electives
  • One term-length graduate-level social sciences course
Organizational Behavior Course Requirements (required of students in both tracks)

Completion of two term-length organizational behavior courses:

  • Micro Topics in Organizational Behavior
  • Macro Topics in Organizational Behavior 

Completion of four term-length courses in research methods:

  • Two term-length courses in quantitative methods 
  • One term-length course in qualitative methods
  • One term-length course in research design 
  • Two case-based NU MBA courses