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Phd in Management


A minimum of 13 semester courses at doctoral level are required. Each semester students will consult with an advisor to receive approval of their course selections.

Foundational Courses (2 courses)

ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS AND BEHAVIOR: A comprehensive two semester series on organizational theory and behavior:

  • Macro Topics in Organizational Behavior 
  • Micro Topics in Organizational Behavior 
Research Methods Courses (4 courses)

Students must take four research methods courses.

Design of Field Research Methods 

Students must take three additional research methods courses from either behavioral sciences research methods or econometric research methods. Research methods courses that meet this requirement include, but are not limited to:

Behavioral Science Research Methods

  • Seminar in Applied Statistical Methods
  • Intermediate Statistical Analysis in Psychology 
  • Multivariate Analysis in Psychology 
  • Intermediate Quantitative Research Methods 
  • Advanced Quantitative Research Methods
  • Analysis of Longitudinal Data 

Econometric Research Methods

  • Introduction to Econometrics 
  • Introduction to Applied Econometrics 
  • Advanced Quantitative Methods II 
  • Probability Theory 
  • Incomplete Multivariate Data 

Research Design Courses

  • Design of Field Research Methods 
  • Experimental Methods
  • Field Experiments 
  • Advanced Quantitative Research Methodology 
Additional Doctoral Courses (7 courses)


Management students are required to take seven additional elective doctoral courses, including two breadth courses, and are strongly encouraged to take one of the following series:


  • Microeconomic Theory I 
  • Microeconomic Theory II 


  • Social Behavior in Organizations: Research Seminar (Psychology )
  • Advanced Social Psychology (Psychology)


  • Sociological Theory: Seminar (Sociology )
  • Organizational Analysis: Seminar (Sociology )




MBA Courses (2 courses)


All students without an MBA degree are required to complete two case-based NU MBA courses.


Research Seminars (recommended 1 course)

Students are strongly encouraged to attend and participate in seminars throughout their program. Students are expected to attend the:

  • Organizational Behavior Unit Seminar