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What Kind of Careers Can You Pursue With a Master of Education?

Northampton University (USA) Master of Education program is primarily directed at K-12 classroom teachers in public and private schools, however, M.Ed. degree holders can enjoy lucrative careers in childcare, education, community leadership, and other educational settings. In addition, anyone working with children and youth will benefit from the program.


Educators work in a variety of settings – nursery schools, community colleges, after-school programs, museums, sports and recreation programs, hospitals, tutoring programs, health and wellness settings, religious education programs, etc. Acquiring a deeper understanding of human development, teaching and learning theory, behavior management, assessment of learning, etc., would enhance their ability to work in these roles.


Does the Program Lead to Certification?

The program does not lead to certification – but certification is not necessary for many careers in education.

Many independent and parochial schools in the US will hire a master’s level teacher who does not have state/national licensure or certification.


Will Graduates Be Qualified to Teach in an International Baccalaureate Program After Completion of the Northampton University (USA) M.Ed.?

The International Baccalaureate Organization will waive the requirement to attend a Category 1 Workshop for qualified graduates of the M.Ed. in Advanced Teaching program. This opens the way for an IB school to consider applicants for their teaching positions who graduated from this program.