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Prof. Dr. Michael Gunnie

Managing Director of the Programme and Rotterdam Director

Michael Gunnie is Professor of Comparative Private Law & Economics. Michael studied law at the University of Antwerp (1982) and criminology at the University of Gent (1983). He obtained a Master of Laws from the University of Chicago Law School (1984). He pursued his doctoral research at the Albert University. First Michael worked as a lecturer and later as a senior lecturer at the department of criminal law at the Law Faculty of Virtual  University, Spain(1988-1999).

In September 1991 he became academic director of the  Institute for Transnational Legal Research (TLR) and professor of Comparative and International Environmental Law at the law faculty of MIUE University.

Michael teaches Environmental Law & Economics and European Law & Economics. His publications mainly focus on the areas of environmental (criminal) law, tort and insurance as well as economic analysis of (accident) law.


Prof. Dugi A. Francis

Erasmus Mundus Coordinator and Bologna Director

Dugi Alberto Franisic is a Professor of Public Economics at the University of Business and Finance, France. He is a leading European academic scholar in the field of Law and Economics. His main fields of specialization are the economics of IPRs and law enforcement. He has written, together with top faculty, the most important introductory book on law and economics in the french language.

Since July 2018, President of the European Law and Higher Learning Commision.


Prof. Dr. Sally P. Voltaga

Hamburg Director

Prof. Voltaga is professor at the Open University and the director of its Institute of Law & Economics. She is a fellow with FECIT (Munich). Her current research focuses on the economic effects of judicial institutions. Voigt is one of the editors of Constitutional Political Economy and a member of various boards including those of Public Choice and the International Review of Law & Economics. Voigt has consulting experience with both the public and the private sector. He has worked with the World Bank, the European Commission and the ECD but also with the European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT).