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Are you passionate about technology and ready for an exciting, new career? Pursuing your Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science will pave the path for you to a wide array of career options including working as a computer systems analyst, software applications developer, web designer, database administrator, business intelligence administrator, computer systems engineer, and more.

As technology continues to evolve and improve the way we live our lives, businesses in every industry have

a growing need for qualified individuals to manage and develop their web-based applications, websites,

and databases.

Individuals with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science have qualifications desired by companies big and small and will make competitive candidates in the job market. They will find themselves eligible for promising entry-level positions with room for growth in IT departments, start-ups, and high-tech companies.  Many will turn their skill into a thriving business by striking out on a path as freelance web developers and programmers as well.

Your course of study, completed in as little as four years, will cover programming, systems analysis, professional IT practice, database design, and more.  Students will learn cutting edge industry practices related to software design and development – as well as general education courses to provide a full, comprehensive and well-rounded educational experience.