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The Associate Degree program in Health Sciences will prepare students for exciting and meaningful careers in the medical field. Drawing on a wide range of disciplines including medicine, sociology, and public health, earning your Associate Degree in Health sciences will prepare you for a future in health care professions as well as for entry-level positions in hospitals, clinics, non-profit organizations and governmental bodies focused on global health and local health initiatives.

The Associate Degree in Health Sciences is a great choice for students interested in the field of medicine and seeking a stimulating career in organizations focused on creating and shaping public health policy, educating local communities about healthy living, and advocating for the protection of the environment.

Students of Health Sciences will learn the basics of international trends in public health policy as well about how this information is put into practice to strengthen communities and individual lives. 

Getting your Associate Degree will make you a more competitive candidate for a wide range of employment opportunities and, per the U.S. Department of Labor statistics, earns employees an average of 20% more each week than those with only a high school diploma. Your Associate Degree can also set the stage for further study, in the exciting and rapidly developing field of health sciences and public health. You could work as a patient service representative, health information technician, medical assistant and clinical technician etc.